Tanika Charles

Tanika Charles interview on Colourful Radio 29-May-2022

Toronto Soul/R&B powerhouse Tanika Charles’ third studio album Papillon de Nuit: The Night Butterfly available everywhere April 8th, 2022. Featuring the songs “Different Morning”, “Frustrated”, “Hold Me (Like a Grudge)” and “Rent Free”. With production from Safe Spaceship Records, Todd “HiFiLo Pentney, Kevin Henkel and Jesse Bear.

With guest appearances from Toronto rapper DijahSB and multi-disciplinary artist, Khari McClelland, the album was composed and recorded while in and out of lockdowns. Papillon de Nuit is anchored in growth and maturity, the inspiration came from an unlikely source, a creature that soars after the sun sets, but often goes unnoticed until the light shines on it. It is the “papillon de nuit” to some, but drably referred to as a moth by others, revealing a bias in language alone

“I always thought it was a strange insect. Once while in Paris, a friend swatted at one and I asked: ‘Was that a moth?’. I was told: ‘No, that’s a papillon de nuit.’ I thought that was the most beautiful description for this otherwise overlooked creature. When I later learned of the symbolism associated with it, I felt that really spoke to both my own situation and also what we’ve all been going through.”

Paulette Tajah

Paulette Tajah interview on Colourful Radio 15-May-2022

The Reggae industry has totally transformed from the business Paulette Tajah entered more than three decades ago! A world away from those tender years, singing sweetly as part of the Lover’s Rock movement in the 80’s.
Against a backdrop of troubled times in our Black communities in the early 80’s, Lover’s Rock was a form of escapism an oasis in the midst of unapologetic racism discrimination injustice and more, delivering her unique sound in the clubs parties and “Shoob-ins” to later become a Lover’s Rock Queen, a unique and exciting, singer, song writer of international status.
Ms Tajah has shared the stage with many of the great Icons of Reggae and performed around the world.
“I’ve learnt so much from my music industry peers & experienced tough lessons along the way too….”
Paulette Tajah

Samm Henshaw

Samm Henshaw interview on Colourful Radio 17-April-2022

The storytelling project spans across sixteen tracks and offers a bold, new sense of creative freedom where we hear him thrive alongside guest appearances from the likes of Maverick Sabre, Tobe Nwigwe and Keyon Harrold. The ‘Untidy Soul’ narrative has been unfolding before our eyes over the past year and in 2021 we saw a run of singles including ‘Grow’, ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ and ‘Chicken Wings’, in addition to the stand alone single, ‘Still Broke’. Inspired by Childish Gambino’s ‘Atlanta’, the music videos reflect a TV-style series with Samm’s satirical sense of humour at the core as we get to know the character of Sonny, played by Samm.

In the lead up to the release this month Samm showcased album cuts at The Roots festive picnic, appeared on The Late Show with James Corden and released a remix of ‘Chicken Wings’ featuring Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins.

“These songs all tell very different stories, but the overall theme for me is self-growth. “You see the main character start in one place at the beginning and get to another place by the end, and hopefully that inspires people to have some reflection on their own lives—how they treat others, how they treat themselves. Because I think most of us are a bit of a mess on the inside. We’re all a work in progress.”

‘Untidy Soul’ is a masterclass in Samm’s craft with his gravelly voice never missing a note and when granted the space, the 28 year-old was able to write personally and playfully. Offering full transparency from the get go, Samm provides social commentary with opener ‘Thoughts & Prayers’, a spirited form of meditation exploring the album’s themes of love, loss and connection. Revealing further depths to his introspectiveness, ‘Mr. Introvert’, ‘8.16’ and ‘Loved By You’ drift between self-examination and storytelling, documenting his personal transformation over the past few years.

Collaborations include a fiery verse from self-proclaimed enigma Tobe Nwigwe on ‘Take Time’ followed by a charismatic vocal cameo from Maverick Sabre on ‘It Won’t Change’. Powerful skits, interludes, poetry, declarations and big band moments are just a taster of what to expect throughout this project. Leading the sounds are; longtime collaborator Josh Grant (Shawn Mendes, Tom Walker & Elderbrook) and Pop Wansel (Megan Thee Stallion, Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign) with additional avant-garde production contributions from Grammy Award winners, Brasstracks.

Tracy Cruz

Tracy Cruz interview on Colourful Radio 14-Nov-2021

Bright Star Award winning Tracy Cruz has a voice that will melt even the toughest of hearts. This San Francisco Bay Area’s vocal powerhouse aims to connect communities with her universal language of love, hope, and happiness. Her unique musical and lyrical blend (Bay Area urban soul tinged with the influence of her indigenous Filipino roots) has captured the ears of music lovers around the world.

Boasting a range that might be bigger than her, Cruz emanates a classic and timeless feel. Tracy’s two full-length albums (Feel’osophy & Universoul Symphony), EP trilogy (H3ARTIFACTS, ART OF FACTS & PURPLE H3ARTIFACTS) & (Illuminate Love) have garnered numerous awards and nominations. Tracy is currently working on her new album “Sun After the Reign” which will be released soon.

Candace Woodson

Candace Woodson interview on Colourful Radio 07-Nov-2021

Twenty-eight days after her 2014 breast cancer surgery, Candace Woodson was back to business-as-usual performing at the wedding of one of John “Cougar” Mellencamp’s daughters. This is a testament to Candace Woodson’s lifelong passion for performing and a talent for resilience she calls “stick to it-ness”. A survivor since 2014, she wrote the song “Free,” a funky old school dance anthem that conveys hope and positivity in the wake of adversity. This is a message she conveys stemming from her own experience and feeling after receiving her last cancer treatment at the Medical University of South Carolina.

This success laid the foundation for a handful of other chart-topping singles, including “The Answer Is No”, a defiant female empowerment ballad. “The Answer Is No” hit #1 on the UK Soul Chart Top 30 and has continued to receive airplay on Smooth Jazz Radio as well as other top stations. Woodson received Billboard’s “Most Added” designation and a “Best International Artist” nominee. Her highly anticipated full-length debut album “Desire” includes her UK hits as well as new tracks that would become international fan favorites.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunities I have had in the UK, and it’s exciting now to work with some of the best in the business in expanding my fan base internationally.”

“I have stopped and started the musical part of my life so many times, but this time I will not stop no matter how things play out. To me, my music is very authentic, and it reflects everything I’ve gone through and the soul of someone who has loved music all her life “.

Candace continues to show why her fans dubbed her “The Queen of Sophisticated Soul”. In April of 2021, Candace releases the new up-tempo track “Midas Touch (Ooh Ooh). “Midas Touch (Ooh Ooh)” is off the upcoming EP “Better Days”!

“Midas Touch (Ooh Ooh)” was written by singer-songwriter Candace Woodson, music by Karey A. Davis, and produced by Lew Laing Jr. “There’s nothing like having that special someone in your life that gives you that Midas Touch” says Candace. With cities like New York City and Atlanta continuing to reopen fully from COVID restrictions “Midas Touch (Ooh Ooh)” is an up-tempo track perfect to help get the party started. When asked about creating music during these times Candace states, “With COVID changing the club scene, I wrote a song to reflect the days of call and response on stage with the audience participation. I imagined they were with me in the recording.”

In June of 2021 “Midas Touch (Ooh Ooh)” would propel Candace back to the #1 spot on the UK Soul Charts. Candace continues to create music that’s redefining and solidifying her status as “The Queen of Sophisticated Soul”. With her loyal fans and a base that continues to grow, Candace is steadfast in creating music that fans of all ages can enjoy. When the news came that Midas was #1 Candace immediately thanked listeners, “I want to thank you DJs, loyal listening fans, and the rest of the world. Without your continued support and appreciation, this could not be possible. I do this for you and for my love of music.”

Candace Woodson’s new single ‘All It Takes’ (Rob Hardt Mix), is available now on Expansion Records.


Marshayne interview on Colourful Radio 31-Oct-2021

Marshayne & his team, a collective of creative artists/musicians pushed through the uneven playing field, those unjust barriers & broke down doors, standing tall in Independent Recording Ownership when back in the 80’s/90’s this was unheard of.

Securing Chart Topping Hit Records G-Spot, Slow Grind, Spirit & Hot Gal to name a few.

They allowed others to know “we can do this too”, paving the way for new Black Artists of Caribbean & African decent of today to be seen & heard in an industry that showed no love in the past years to British Black Music & British Black Artist

Therefore the excellence and contributions of the likes of Marshayne, have contributed to the UK Music Industry, penetrating the Global Music Industry as a whole with the UK Reggae & R&B sound that Wayne is known for. It is truly an achievement of great success and one to be overly proud of!!!

The Paradise Projex

The Paradise Projex interview on Colourful Radio 24-Oct-2021


L.A.B interview on Colourful Radio 17-Oct-2021

L.A.B. is a reggae band from New Zealand. Its founding members are Brad Kora (backing vocals and drums) and Stuart Kora (backing vocals, keyboard and guitar) of the band Kora. They soon engaged Joel Shadbolt on lead vocals and guitar, Ara Adams-Tamatea, formerly of Katchafire, as bassist, and Miharo Gregory as keyboardist. The band mostly composes reggae music, with a mix of electronic, blues, rock and funk music.

Cornell “CC” Carter

Cornell “CC” Carter interview on Colourful Radio 10-Oct-2021

Cornell “CC” Carter who was raised in San Francisco California has been recording and performing as a Professional Singer and songwriter for many years.

He has shared the stage as an opening act with the Legendary James Brown, Ray Charles, Sly and the Family Stone and many more. He has also had the honour of recording and performing with Grammy Award Winning Producer and close friend Narada Michael Walden as well as the legendary Carlos Santana to name a few. His soulful sound comes from an unusual wide vocal range from Baritone to First tenor!

In 2018 his big release of the Hit Single THAT FEELING and the follow up THAT’S MY BABY garnered several awards internationally and he was named New Artist of the Year by Soultracks. The highly anticipated new album NEXT LIFE is slated to be released in October 2021!

CC loves to share his talents with aspiring artists which allowed him and his team to create CDC Productions, his own production company geared toward assisting these artists to follow their dreams while also teaching them about the time and dedication it takes to reach their goals. Cornell has been involved with many charities and non-profits over the past few years, and his vision is to continue to uplift and use his platform to help raise the bar and bring new awareness to the legacy of Real Soul Music!

Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton interview on Colourful Radio 03-Oct-2021

With over 50 million albums globally and proclaimed a “national treasure” by the Los Angeles Times, Anthony Hamilton’s voice will resonate louder than ever in 2021 with more music and performances on the horizon.

GRAMMY® Award winning singer, songwriter, producer, and actor Anthony Hamilton has achieved global sales of over 50 million albums. The North Carolina Music Hall of Fame inductee notably performed for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle, cementing his place in the history books as the “narrator of love.” Introduced by way of the iconic 2003 smash “Charlene,” his raw, awe-inspiring performances garnered the attention of NPR where he starred in their Noteworthy documentary series. He made his film debut in the critically acclaimed American Gangster, and lent his vocals to the song “Freedom” from the Academy® Award-nominated film Django Unchained.

Hamilton now adds author and publisher to his list of accomplishments with the unveiling of his first self-published book, Cornbread, Fish ‘n Collard Greens, where he shares the inspiration for some of the iconic songs in his illustrious career and his love of southern food. Hamilton recently starred as Kyle Kirby in the feature film Carl Weber’s Influence, now streaming on BET+.

“Hamilton literally poured blood, sweat, and tears into [his new 2021] Love Is The New Black [album]. After initially pursuing a more political-leaning direction, he shifted focus to speak to this hefty emotional need, while also
covering the full spectrum of human emotions.”

Howard Hewett

Howard Hewett interview on Colourful Radio 29-Aug-2021

Howard Hewett is one of the most gifted vocalists in the Post-Marvin Gaye era of pop R&B. He started singing as a child, fronting his older sisters in The Hewett Singers. The group toured the gospel circuit. As a teen, Hewett sharpened his crooner skills in a funk band called Lyfe. In 1976, Hewett moved to Los Angeles and formed a group put together by the owners of the historic Maverick’s Flat, called Beverly Hills.

Hewett got his mainstream break as the male vocal lead in Shalamar, a centerpiece of Dick Griffey’s SOLAR (Sound of Los Angeles Records) label. His tenor voice mixed beautifully with the bright vocals of Jody Watley, the dancing skills of Jeffery Daniels and the writing and production of Leon Sylvers III. The group gave the world feel-good dance favorites The Second Time Around and A Night to Remember, the baby-making classic For the Lover in You, as well as a number of beautiful B-side ballads like You Can Count On Me and Somewhere There’s a Love. When Watley and Daniels left the group in 1983, Hewett continued to lead Mickey Free and Delisa Davis in the reconstituted Shalamar. This version of the group was best known for soundtrack contributions on Footloose and Beverly Hills Cop with Dancing in the Sheets and the Grammy-winning Don’t Get Stopped in Beverly Hills, respectively.

In the mid-eighties, Howard sets out on his solo career, releasing I Commit to Love in 1986 on Elektra and from the first single Hewett made magic, giving his amorous voice and whimsical lyrics to Stay, I’m For Real and the title track. Most beloved track on this freshman release would be his spiritually grounded Say Amen. This single soared on the Inspirational charts and has enjoyed the status of a modern gospel classic.

Subsequent projects have solidified Hewett’s place in the high ranks of R&B balladeers by writing and collaborating and lending his voice within an intimate group of crooners, including George Duke, Quincy Jones, James Ingram, Anita Baker, Prince and Stanley Clarke. With Elektra, he released Forever and Ever (1988- Once, Twice, Three Times), Howard Hewett (1990- Show Me) and Allegiance (1992- Can We Try Again).

Later work shows increasing authenticity as Hewett rips song lyrics straight from his soul. It’s Time (1994- This Love is Forever), written and produced almost exclusively with long time friend and collaborator Monte Seward, displays all the vulnerability involved in falling and staying in love. In 2001, Hewett released the all inspirational album The Journey, where he shows us that his faith can’t be separated from his heart and soul.

Hewett continues to seduce audiences and eardrums as he is constantly touring and intermittently releasing new music.

“Of all the fine vocalists working today, Howard Hewett is one of the finest.” – Babyface

Conya Doss

Conya Doss interview on Colourful Radio 13-Jun-2021

Conya Doss’ 9th LP, “Through Rose-Colored Glasses,” reflects constant duality in its meaning.

Doss states. “…..For me, generally, the term means perceiving everything as great, and focusing on the positives in every situation. On the other hand, it can also be viewed as giving the perception that all is great but when we look completely THROUGH the beautiful rose-colored glasses, we find a mesh of complexities and imperfections. Often such an outlook is necessary in order to cope…”.

This project is a culmination of all of the above. The first single, “Not Trading You,” consisting of smooth rhythmic midtempo vibes, shows that despite the ups and downs of a relationship, the good outweighs the bad. Consistent with this concept is “Long Haul” (Antione Amalbert on Trumpet), which demonstrates unconditional love no matter what. The song “It Ain’t Easy” featuring the incomparable Eric Roberson, focuses on the strength of two people who realize that relationships are not always perfect or easy to build, but love rules all and is worth it.

Conversely, Seeing things only ‘Through Rose-Colored Glasses’ may not be in our best interest. Sometimes it is necessary to see things just as they are. Occasionally with open communication and transparency, things could possibly turn around. This leads to Conya’s second single from this LP entitled “Wishful Thinking,” featuring B. Golden. “Wishful Thinking” is a feel-good groove that demonstrates that things are exactly how we see them, whether or not we accept it. Another song that draws parallels is “Sand Castles” featuring OsKeyz, which stresses that all relationships have been built on a solid foundation.

Other standout songs are “Come on and Get this Love,” “Happy Valley” featuring OsKeyz, “Show Me” featuring Lin Rountree. These grooves are so funky, you will inevitably either bob your head or repeat the hooks. “Black is Beautiful” provides creative songwriting letting us know that no matter what negative portrayals of black people, Conya reiterate in her messaging that black people always have and will continue to a strong, resilient people . “Funny” featuring the talented Micki Miller is another soulfully jazzy tune encouraging others to be patient and true love will present itself right on time. Doss, Myron Davis, and Rodney Jones serve as the main producers on “Through Rose-Colored Glasses” in addition to producers B. Golden Micki Miller.

Gwen Yvette

Gwen Yvette interview on Colourful Radio 06-Jun-2021

Gwen Yvette is an independent R&B/Soul singer and songwriter from Beaufort, SC. An artist with extraordinary talent and vocal range, the Harlem-born, St. Helena Island product first picked up a microphone at the tender age of three and performed at community events. Gwen first entered the music scene as a professional singer in the early 1990’s, performing with a popular local band and was later invited to tour with notable musician Roy C. In 2012, the songstress had a successful run on Fox’s national television series, “The X Factor”.

In 2015, Gwen Yvette launched her solo career and in February 2016, she released her debut single titled, “So In Love”. This release propelled Gwen into the spotlight, garnering national media recognition, performance opportunities nationwide and a rising star status. That year, she also won Female R&B Artist of the Year at the South Carolina Music Awards. In June of 2017, Gwen released her long-awaited album titled, “Love, Dreams & Visions”, a project that exemplifies her love of music. Soulstress, Gwen Yvette performs with her band, TC Soul (named for her beloved Father) throughout the south eastern US regularly.

Gwen Yvette counts it all joy to have been blessed with the opportunities to open for outstanding and legendary musicians, to include Big Daddy Kane, Carl Thomas, Shirley Murdock, Keith Sweat, Kem, Sir Jeffrey Osborne, Ms. Patti LaBelle, and The Mighty O’Jays!

Gwen Yvette is one of the more sought-after singers throughout South Carolina and beyond, as is evident from her booking in the UK in fall 2019 as part of the Soul Jones Collective Tour, and again as a headliner of the I Am Woman UK 2020 Tour, an International Women’s Day Celebration.

Gwen Yvette continues to write, record, and release music, and perform live at special events-corporate and private, live music festivals and live music venues throughout the southeast.


Pockets interview on Colourful Radio 23-May-2021

Sabrina Francis

Sabrina Francis interview on Colourful Radio 09-May-2021

Tony Momrelle

Tony Momrelle interview on Colourful Radio 02-May-2021

TONY MOMRELLE is one of the most exciting and significant soul musicians on the modern British stage.

In a music career spanning 20+ years, he has performed with some of the greatest artists in the world: Incognito, Gloria Estefan, Céline Dion, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Chaka, Sade, Gary Barlow, Andrea Bocelli, Gwen Stefani, Robert Palmer and many more. In Autumn 2016 he supported the legendary Earth, Wind & Fire on their sold-out UK tour. His acclaimed debut album ‘Keep Pushing’ was released in 2015 – an infectious mingling of eighties-inspired synths, jazzy keys, classic piano and soaring soul vocals.

Strong mainstream and regional radio support for the album culminated in four BBC Radio 2-playlisted singles and ongoing airplay across Europe. Momrelle’s ‘Keep Pushing Tour’ has flown world-wide, playing to sold-out audiences at venues and festivals in the UK, Australia, Italy, Germany, Russia and France. Notable media appearances in 2017/8 included an intimate duet with Jools Holland live on the much-loved BBC One show ‘Later with Jools Holland’, as well as distinguished collaborations with the Guy Barker Orchestra and Big Band for BBC Radio 2 .

His sophomore album ‘Best Is Yet To Come’ released to critical acclaim in 2019.

Tony Momrelle is also a multiple winner of a Bright Star Award.

LOCKDOWN ACOUSTIC SESSIONS EP is out for pre-order from 16th April, and will be available on all stores and streaming services from 30th April.

Phillip Leo

Phillip Leo interview on Colourful Radio 11-April-2021

In February 1988 Phillip Leo signed with Fashion Records as a singer/ songwriter. By September of that year he had reached No. 6 in the Reggae Chart with his highly acclaimed first single Rocking the Night Away”/”Food of Love”.
Phillip went on to establish himself as a successful songwriter/producer, with a string of reggae hits by other Fashion acts, including the No. 1 hit single “Two Timing Lover” by Janet Lee Davies, “Crazy Feeling” by Peter Spence, “Lets Show the World” by Nerious Joseph and producing the lovers duo Zuruchi’s first single “Celebrate Our Love” winning Reggae Songwriter of the Year two consecutive years in row in 1989 and 1990. Phillip also did sessions on drum programming, keyboards and backing vocals on a string of artists like Barry Boom, Nerious Joseph, & Cutty Ranks and also producing 2 songs for the Sandra Cross album “Foundation Of Love”
As an artiste in his own right, Phillip reached No. 2 with “I Wanna be Loved by You”. He then Produced the hit singles “Why do Fools Fall in Love”, “Good Thing Going” and “Young, Gifted & Black” which were duets with DJ superstar CJ Lewis. His debut album in January 1990, entitled “Lover of Music”, which included 9 of his own compositions, reached No. 3 in the Reggae Album Chart to great critical acclaim and featured top ten reggae singles “I’m Missing You”, “We Belong Together” (duet with Marie Dawn) and debut single “Rocking The Night Away”.
A desire to expand his talents into other areas of music, ie: soul/dance, led to a prolific writing partnership with bassist/songwriter Steve Bingham of which they wrote over 170 titles together, this led them to forming the Breakin’ Loose Record Label as an outlet for their songs. The first single entitled “Hypnotic Love”, which featured DJ CJ Lewis reached No. 1 in the UK Reggae Chart and remained in the chart for an outstanding 6 months. This was followed by “Today”, which was the title track of his second album that reached No. 5 in the UK Reggae Chart.
Having learnt about running a record company Phillip went on to form his own company of which he called “Sharma Productions” (which he later renamed Big Lion Productions).
After a string of releases Phillip was approached by EMI Records. He then signed as a recording artist. This led to 2 top 60 National Chart positions “Second Chance” and “Thinking About Your Love” which featured the DJ Top Cat on the street versions, opening up a whole new market for him. Whilst he was with EMI Records Phillip also Produced CJ Lewis’ first major album “Dollars” recorded for MCA Records of which he had a No. 3 with “Sweet’s for my Sweets” and another 2 consecutive releases which reached the UK top twenty in the British Mainstream National Chart. The album went on to sell over 500,000 copies worldwide. CJ’s second album “Rough & Smooth” again produced by Phillip that went platinum in Japan, had a No.1 taken off it called “ R to the A” in France and sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide. Phillip then got his own record company Sharma Productions back on the road. His next release his third album entitled “Just 4 U”. The first single from the album is called “Angel Heart”/”I Wanna be the One”, which sparked a lot of interest especially in Japan.
In 1997 a limited release of Phillip Leo’s fifth album “Down 2 Earth” was circulated of which the top ten reggae single “Summer Girl” featuring Glamma Kid was taken. Phillip also embarked on music production & remixing for other artists like: Louchie Lou & Michie One, Carroll Thompson, Jack Radics, Japanese DJ Nahki, Judy Cheeks, Sean Mcguire, Musical Youth, Charlene Smith, Awesome, Rick Clarke and many more.
In May 2017 Phillip Leo made a come back with a new album called “Faithfully” which was made available on download only, from this album the first single “Feel So Good” was released along with 3 remixes.

A digital reissue of Phillip Leo’s past albums “Just 4 U”, “Down 2 Earth” and “Space Dub” were also released to his relaunch his career as a recording artist.

Following the “Space Dub” series he released another 12 track dub album called “Space Dub 2”.

In January 2018 Phillip Leo launched the single “The Gift” which was the introduction to his follow up album “The Universe” which was released that summer. From this album came the singles “Hold On”, “Love Your Life”, “Don’t Judge Me”, “Escape” & “A Heart That’s Pure”, these singles also included remixes in the Ragga, R&B/Soul and Dance Genres.

April 2019 saw the launch of Phillip’s 11th studio album “New Horizon” which included the Stevie J. Man No.1 chart topping hit “Peaceful Party”, “Together We’ll Abide”, “The Border”, “Times Will Change”, “The Future” and “Violation”.

August 2020 saw the release of his 12th studio album “Rolling River” which included the single “Let Love Be Your Guide”, “Love Grows”, Never Lose That Feeling”, “The Sun Will Shine”, “Heavens Beauty” and “A Losing Game”.

Phillip has laid great foundations for him to become one of the worlds leading singer, songwriter, producers.

The Best Of Phillip Leo is available now via www.biglionproductions.com. Release Date : 22/03/2021


Tristan interview on Colourful Radio 28-March-2021

Dutch five-piece Tristan’s music can be best described as feel-good vintage Acid Jazz, with the energy, vibe and sounds of today, performed by some of the best contemporary pop/jazz musicians from Europe.
Tristan’s debut release, ‘Full Power’ – which featured US soul singer Heston, UK saxophone maestro Nigel Hitchcock and legendary American trumpeter Randy Brecker – received rave reviews, while their highly acclaimed follow-up, ‘2nd Phase’, proved that this is a band with something to say, both albums going straight to No 1 in the UK soul charts.
The group continued to surprise again, in 2016 with ‘Lifestyle’ and 2017 ‘Live in Concert’. Those CD’s brought them in 2016/ 2017 all over the world: Japan, United Kingdom , Germany, Poland, Romania, Denmark,  Luxembourg and France.
‘The Spice of Five’ is their fifth album, and was released worldwide in April 2019.
The 6th chapter ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong’ already in our quite productive recording existence. It’s been only going up from when we first started out and we like to express that positive vibe into our music as well.
On this occasion of producing a brand new album, we tried to continue the code of keeping it a true and honest band-album. We recorded 14 Brand new songs, full of that good spicy energy. Therefore you could take this album title quite literally….
But then again, put 5 distinct characters in a band bus traveling all over Europe and beyond,…you never know what will happen along the way;-)
Usually lots of laughter and funny stories created by nature. Food for creative thoughts that often inspires our lyrics and titles. Every time we ‘hop’ into our transportation towards the next gig, it is almost certain a new adventure is about to enfold. Our reward of course is to entertain the people and fans on stage, but even there…you see, we give it our all, and like to take risks within the music big time. The beauty of each and every concert being totally different and a challenge for us to fulfil.


Arema interview on Colourful Radio 21-March-2021

London has been a musical hotbed for Reggae runnings for decades; crisp and precise. The late ’70s saw the emergence of incredibly talented singers and players of instruments in dynamic frequency. From Roots to Lover’s Rock, the output was consistent and groundbreaking. Discussing the latter of the two styles, AREMA laid a Royal foundation that stands firm to this day. Leroy Wilson and the original lineup have just released MEANING OF LIFE hot on the heels of their “STUN ME” summer 2020 hit. Buoyant Lover’s Rock gems that solidifies their credentials as one of UK’s premier Reggae ensembles. Arema is in the same league as Aswad, Winston Reedy, Cimarons, Misty In Roots, Naturalites etc etc A masterclass and enduring all the while.

Arema sowed seeds in Northwest London during the musically prolific late ’70s. The lineup of Leroy Wilson (lead vox, keys), Desmond Foster (bass, lead vox), Nevada Cato (guitar, vox) (left recently to pursue a solo career) Courtnenay Campbell (drums) and Henri Clarke (percussion, vox) had a clearview vision of creating original and crisply arranged sounds and made solid impact through hard work and determination. In 1981, they topped the charts with the timeless Lover’s Rock anthem “In Love (With You Darling)”; a Royal excursion that’s celebrated to this day. The follow up “Back A Yard” displayed their versatile Roots level. So potent on the Lover’s side, they delivered “Blow My Mind” to massive appeal. Heavily in demand, the band opened up for Gregory Isaacs’ historic UK Cool Ruler Tour and have supported Dennis Emmanuel Brown, The Cimarons, Ernest Wilson, Barry Biggs and so many more.

By the late ’80s, Leroy and Henri branched out production wise and scored hits in the ’90s with Desmond’s brother, Royden Foster. “Dancing With My Baby” and “Love To Share” were two classics from this era. After a long break while various other musical ventures were pursued, AREMA was awarded the “Hidden Creative Economy Award” in 2012 for their massive contributions to UK reggae. Leroy and crew ignited sparks again in 2014 with “Love Is Here” (riding Delroy Wilson’s “I Want To Love You” riddim). In 2016, they performed at the “UK Legends Of Legends” concert and have made regular appearances at the annual Giants of Lovers Rock concerts at the London o2, such is the popularity of the band. History indeed!! Leroy is also well active in the industry; elementary in RFUK (Reggae Fraternity UK) – this collective keeps the Royal integrity forward and intact. This brand new single is a follow up to previous singles ‘If Loving You’ and ‘Stun Me’ and preludes their highly anticipated upcoming album. The future is shining bright in these otherwise unprecedented times.

Carmen Rodgers

Carmen Rodgers interview on Colourful Radio 14-March-2021

Evolution Revolution

Don’t call it a comeback. Although it’s been almost six years since her last release, the work never stopped for Carmen Rodgers and that “sweet soul” voice. Between touring as a Solo Artist, on the road with producer and multi-instrumentalist Zo!, on stage and in the studio as Featured Vocalist and Songwriter with the wildly popular and dynamic Grammy-nominated band THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE, or writing music on multiple projects and having her own music featured on hit shows such as CBS’ All Rise, Carmen has kept our attention with her music and talents during the wait.

Now with the release of her highly-anticipated EP Hello Human, Vol. 1 produced on her own label Candigirl Music, Carmen will walk you through the human experience with keen self-awareness through love, intimacy, wonder, regret, and the quest for healing and wholeness. She is primed to make an indelible mark with this fourth studio project reaching ears, minds, and hearts like never before.

Alvin Garrett

Alvin Garrett interview on Colourful Radio 07-March-2021

To describe or define Alvin Garrett with a singular title may be a near impossible task. However, after getting to know him, one would have to agree that he is certainly a Pioneer of Inspirational Soul. This Alabama-born-and-raised preacher’s son, has woven over twenty years of diverse experience in the entertainment industry with the common thread of hope and inspiration. Whether its R&B, Gospel, Pop, or Jazz, you will recognize Garrett’s inspirational fingerprint in all his music and business endeavours.
Garrett’s masterful song writing, captivating smile, and spine-tingling voice is reminiscent of soul music legends, Sam Cooke and Al Green. This honourable comparison began in 2015 with the release of the soul-riveting song, “By Myself,” which many still compare to the timeless and epic nature of Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come.” In the summer of 2020, the Grammy-nominated songwriter continued to carry the torch of musical activism with his thought provoking EP, The Awakening. With the weight of the Covid-19 pandemic and the heaviness of social unrest, Alvin Garrett crafted a collection of songs that sought to speak to and awaken the Soul of America. Now, Garrett is lifting spirits and lightening the mood with his beautiful new project, The Lightness of Love.
As soon as you hear the first swooning riff of the lead single, “My Gift To You,” you will instantly agree that Alvin Garrett is giving listeners a Cloud 9 experience with this album. When asked what inspired this new project, Garrett said, “The Awakening was, and still is, a much-needed introspective musical conversation. However, in my desire to lift the heaviness of that conversation, I found “The Lightness Of Love.”  Once you begin this 27-minute musical journey, you will most certainly press repeat and float away to Garrett’s calming and sultry voice. 
Garrett, himself, has travelled a long road in his musical career. Not only is he a business owner, professional bassist, music and event producer, recording and performing artist, he is an award-winning songwriter. He has written and arranged songs for Joe, Kelly Rowland, Fantasia, Johnny Gill, Ruben Studdard, Noel Gourdin, Jordan Knight, Deitrick Hadden, Trin-I-Tee 5:7, and many others. In addition to a Grammy nomination, Garrett has won a Soul Train Award, a Dove Award, and a Stellar Award. Garrett’s 2012 debut album, “Expose Yourself”, was critically acclaimed by many as one of the sexiest smooth R&B albums of our time. In 2019, he released his second full-length album, “This HILL”, which was his homage to life lessons and his personal philosophy…”Because of HOPE, I have the INSPIRATION to pursue what I LOVE at the risk of LOSS.” This project was also the foundation for his new independent label, HILL Entertainment.
In 2015, Garrett’s love for entertainment, education, and empowerment led to the development of an innovative song writing program called, The Write Life. He currently teaches this amazing class with The Dannon Project, which is the country’s #1 Department of Labor funded re-entry and social services agency based in Birmingham, AL. The Write Life has become a transformative tool for recruitment, engagement, retention, and motivation of their participants. Alvin says, “I absolutely love to motivate and encourage people by showing them how to utilize the power of words and music to sculpt their future.”
Garrett is oftentimes asked to provide a genre-specific label to define himself. Moving forward, he’ll simply reply, “I am a Pioneer of Inspirational Soul Music.”

Macka B

Macka B interview on Colourful Radio 28-February-2021

Representing the UK reggae scene, Macka B and Pecking’s Records are the real deal…

‘Never Played A 45’ showcases the conscious words, sound and power from the original lyrics teacher, Macka B.

All tracks are voiced over a crucial selection of classic riddims courtesy of the mighty Peckings brothers.

The album is packed full of instant replays including the massive hit title track and the Youtube hit, ‘Medical Marijuana Card’ (300,000+ hits and rising).

With his deep, bassie tones and a flow to match the finest, Macka B has risen from Soundboy on UK Soundsystems to world-renowned Reggae star amassing an inspiring body of work on his 30 year journey.

Known affectionately as ‘The Big Rastaman’ he has taken his sharp conscious lyrics and positive outlook to every continent except Antarctica, although his coolness might stop the ice melting over there!

Macka B is inspired by H.I.M. Ras Tafari and pioneer DJ’s such as U-Roy, I-Roy, Big Youth and Prince Far-I. He unites people, promoting our similarities and common origins while being unafraid to educate on important issues in a wholly uplifting way. This is refreshing to audiences turned off by slackness pop & electro and inward looking, shoe-gazing indie. Macka B is for real.

Macka B has collaborated with a veritable who’s who of dynamic talent including Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Steel Pulse, Luciano, Horace Andy and Earl Sixteen. A long and successful partnership with producer Mad Professor (ARIWA) has given Macka B an international fan base with a full canon of hit albums and international tours under his belt. Now teaming up with the Peckings Brothers and their unique access to foundation rhythms Macka delivers ‘Never Played A 45’ an already acclaimed back to the roots five star classic.

George ‘Peckings’ Price was one of the first to bring Reggae to the shores of the UK. Peckings was the go-to man of Jamaican Reggae stars looking to expose their work to the UK and beyond and as such had the likes of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry stopping at his home in West London. This was an inspirational environment for Pecking’s sons, Chris and Duke, who are now producers in their own right. With unique access to the catalogue of Coxsone Dodd of Studio 1, Duke Reid of Treasure Isle and Bunny Lee – the brothers established a successful career, winning both best label and best producer at the British Reggae Industry Awards in 2013.

With the positively dangerous combination of Macka B and the Peckings brothers, VPAL are proud to announce the release of the album ‘Never Played a 45’. The album combines Macka B’s skill of exhibiting deep thinking positivity and the Pecking’s brother’s re-fresh of the classic rhythms loved by all. With this team-up the album is an all killer, no filler affair and there are plenty of stand-out tunes.

The title track ‘Never played a 45’ is an ode to vinyl lovers because “there’s something about the feel of the vibe”. Previously released on a 45, it sold out fast and is now highly sought after.

The popular ‘Medical Marijuana Card’ features an animated video amassing over 300,000 views, with zero marketing budget, tells you it’s a hit.

See the video here: https://youtu.be/J9kSRBprPdE

“Rasta Tell Dem” is already hugely popular and has been rinsed out by David Rodigan and others. It accounts Rasta’s canny observations of things that are just now coming to pass.

‘African’ is an astute social observation of the standard we’ve come to expect from Macka B appealing for a positive realisation of Africa, the cradle of humanity.

‘Big Thief’ goes deeper– pointing to the theft from Africa by Babylon (the forces of materialism and control), the resulting privilege of those who still profit from it and the burgeoning issue of reparation, now re-awakening amongst the black community worldwide .

“Too Much Chicken” serves as a transition track high in seriousness and humour.

There is also a combination with the late, great Phyllis Dillon on “One Life”. Hail H.I.M, Beautiful Naturally, Complaining, the list of killer tracks goes on and on…

‘Never Played a 45’ has the ability to get you thinking, make you feel good and most of all cry out “REWIND

In 2017 Macka B began a series of regular acapella videos released on his social channels – Medical Mondays and Wha’ Me Eat Wednesdays.  The releases proved very popular and the video for ‘Cucumba’ became a viral hit (80M+ views to date) and was picked up by mainstream media (Vice, Daily Mail) and appearances on UK terrestrial TV shows including GMB. Macka B recounts these events in the track ‘Cucumba to di World’ which also has an official video with over 100K hits.  An appropriate way to celebrate Veganuary.

The new Macka B  EP, ‘Gentrification’ is out now on Peckings.

Bey Bright

Bey Bright interview on Colourful Radio 21-February-2021

Bey Bright is an Indie Soul Grammy Award nominated record producer, songwriter, musician, businessman and entrepreneur. He is the creative visionary and brain trust behind several critically acclaimed independent music and literary products.

As CEO of Bright Vision Entertainment, Mr. Bright’s primary focus in the entertainment industry is to motivate, inspire & entertain the masses through musical and literary compositions while promoting messages of love. Bey Bright has incorporated his business acumen, years of experience and knowledge in the entertainment industry to pay it forward in an attempt to help other aspiring independent artists achieve their goals and dreams by giving them a musical platform to shine. Bey has been a featured artist and guest speaker on numerous radio & TV shows across the globe with such prominent TV & Radio hosts Bev Smith, Audrey Chapman, Angela Stribling, Ralph McDaniels and Harold Fisher to name a few.

In the mid-2000’s Bey was privileged with the honor of being one of the first independent artists ever to conduct an online class entitled “How To Market, Distribute & Sell Your Music Independently” with Bey Bright from the prestigious The Learning Annex based in New York City. In the mid-nineties, Bey worked for Diddy and his Bad Boy Entertainment label as a street team/ marketing coordinator before venturing out to pursue his own entrepreneurial endeavors.

While at Bad Boy Entertainment, he helped to promote records for Faith Evans, 112, Craig Mack, Total and The Notorious BIG. Some of his most notable and bestselling products include Bey Bright Presents Nu Indie Soul Vol.1 – 3, The Sound of Indie Soul, Soul Nostalgia 1 & 2 & Top Indie Soul Hits Vol 1. They also include the books ‘How To Attract a R.E.A.L. Man’ & ‘Claim Your Man’; ‘A Woman’s Guide To Love’, ‘Happiness & Self-Empowerment’. Bright has consistently scored big on the prestigious UK Top 30 Soul Charts and Top 30 Indie Soul Charts in the USA, racking up 10 consecutive Top 10 indie soul hits, a #1 album and high acclaim from highly regarded music sites such as SoulTracks, SoulBounce, Amazon & Soul Jazz & Funk just to name a few. Bey has collectively sold and streamed in excess of 500,000 units independently in a career spanning over two decades. Known as “The Bad Boy of Indie Soul”, Bey’s music has been programmed on top music outlets.

Bey Bright attended Norfolk State University and is a graduate of American Inter Continental University where he possesses a degree in Business Administration & Management. Bey Bright is also a member of ASCAP as a songwriter and publisher in addition to being a member of NARIP. Bey Bright owns and manages several intellectual properties and is a passive investor in Real Estate throughout the United States of America.

Bey has scored 2 number one albums on the UK Soul Chart Top 30 from 2018-2021 with Soul Nostalgia and Soul Nostalgia 3. 

Bey also has two number one tunes on the DJ Sly Top 30 chart with ‘Together As One’ and ‘Vibe’.

Collectively, Bey Bright has sold and streamed over half a million records worldwide across all music platforms and mediums. 

Sandra-Mae Lux

Sandra-Mae Lux interview on Colourful Radio 20-December-2020

Born in the sleepy fishing village of Steveston (British Columbia, Canada) and born of Dutch immigrant parents, Sandra-Mae Lux was singing almost before she was walking and showed a natural ability with musical instruments even in elementary school, playing piano, saxophone and guitar.

By high school she was already a seasoned performer in jazz and concert bands and, after graduating high school with honours, Sandra-Mae achieved a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies on Saxophone with a Minor in Education from Capilano University.  Sandra-Mae has received multiple awards such as Outstanding Achievement in Music five years in a row and the Phil Nimmons Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Jazz.

Before she reached the age of 22, Sandra-Mae was invited to perform at the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, two years in a row where she met and performed with many internationally recognized artists such as Joe Lovano, Roy Hargrove, Herbie Hancock, Joshua Redman, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Christian McBride and opened for Dave Brubeck. After a few more years in Vancouver playing with many different bands, Sandra-Mae began to extend her reach to multiple musical styles including pop, R&B, Brazillian, EDM and her true love, 70’s soul music.

Moving to London, England in 2017 to concentrate on writing her first album, ‘Happily Ever Now’ Sandra-Mae continues not only to be a creative musical dynamo, but also an acting, voice acting and comedy performer of note, appearing in David Sedaris – The Santaland Diaries, The Comedy Store Players, Slattery Night Fever (with Tony Slattery) and as part of the cast of Audible’s ‘Aliens – Sea of Sorrows’ and Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ audio dramas (both directed by Dirk Maggs).

Sandra-Mae lives in South London with her partner, lots of plants, a disco ball, and many feathered masks.

The making of ‘Happily Ever Now’

This twelve song album is a first for Sandra-Mae Lux, and what a debut! Produced by Gil Cang (Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Shaun Escoffery) and featuring players like Robin Mullarkey (bass, Jacob Collier) and Toby Baker (keys, Michael McDonald), Happily Ever Now is chock full of catchy melodies, strong  hooks, and oh so tasty arrangements and production.

With all tracks composed by Sandra-Mae Lux and writing partner Alan D. Marriott, Happily Ever Now is well crafted, with a nod to classic song writing of the 70s, full-on soul from Earth Wind and Fire to D’Angelo, with the contemporary pop of Taylor Swift.

From the haunting, jazz inspired ‘I’m Still Here’, to foot stomping power anthems like ‘Moment in the Sun’, to the Salsoul disco joy of ‘Never Saw the Light’, this album doesn’t put a foot wrong. Over top of all the musical glitter soars the powerful voice of Lux herself as she effortlessly moves from pure sweetness in songs like ‘Thank You For Loving Me’ into sexy, slow-jam mode for ‘Do U Wanna’.

A multi-instrumentalist (saxophone, piano and guitar) Lux was making music almost before she could walk and tinkering with song writing by the time she hit her early teens. Originally a native of Vancouver (Canada) Lux spent her high school years in as many bands as she could fit in, and  finally honed her musical skills with a degree in jazz studies from Capilano University. After a relocation to London in 2017, Lux set to work on finding the perfect team for the album she was always meant to make. “It’s been amazing,” she says. “Everything was recorded at this funky studio in North London just full of vintage gear. For me it was like a musical treasure box full of all the instruments that created the sounds of the albums I love. Y’know? The real gems, synths like a Minimoog or Juno-6, or that unmistakable sound of a real Rhodes or Wurlitzer. So all those incredible instruments combined with musicians who really knew how to get the most out of them was like…well, it was just a privilege to be in the room.”

That kind of sums up ‘Happily Ever Now’. A beautifully written and produced album, played perfectly by master musical craftsmen, and sung by a young vocalist right at the beginning of an amazing career.  Sheer magic!