Paulette Tajah

Paulette Tajah interview on Colourful Radio 15-May-2022

The Reggae industry has totally transformed from the business Paulette Tajah entered more than three decades ago! A world away from those tender years, singing sweetly as part of the Lover’s Rock movement in the 80’s.
Against a backdrop of troubled times in our Black communities in the early 80’s, Lover’s Rock was a form of escapism an oasis in the midst of unapologetic racism discrimination injustice and more, delivering her unique sound in the clubs parties and “Shoob-ins” to later become a Lover’s Rock Queen, a unique and exciting, singer, song writer of international status.
Ms Tajah has shared the stage with many of the great Icons of Reggae and performed around the world.
“I’ve learnt so much from my music industry peers & experienced tough lessons along the way too….”
Paulette Tajah