Sly Meets Anthoney Wright

Sunday 28th February 2010

Anthoney Wright is a retro sounding soulful singer/songwriter Anthoney Wright. His well received debut album “Feet On The Ground” has been released by Palawan Productions and follows on hot on the tracks from the lead single ‘Reset To Zero’.

Anthoney grew up with his grandparents in Nottingham. Where his radio-DJ grandfather introduced him to a vast’n’varied record collection ranging from Jamaican ska, calypso and lovers rock to US soul icons like Marvin Gaye and Al Green. Moving to London in his teens to live with his aunt, Anthoney’s love of music eventually saw him lending his vocal talents to dance outfits like A Man Called Adam, Krush and – later on – Basement Jaxx, whose 2003 smash LP ‘Kish Kash’ featured him on two tracks.

However, despite his initial love for the glitz’n’glamour of metropolitan life, Anthoney’s solo career did not get off the ground until after 2004 found him trading in his then-hedonistic lifestyle for a more spiritual existence. Which – following time spent on BBC’s ‘The Monastery’ (a TV show that showed five people spending six weeks in Worth Abbey) – eventually led to him becoming a Buddhist.

The aforementioned debut album has input from established production teams Absolute (Spice Girls/Tina Turner) and Pete & Steve Lewinson (Simply Red/Corinne Bailey Rae), its diverse moods move from the Sixties-influenced soul of ‘Reset To Zero’ and blues guitar-tinged ballad ‘I’m A Fool For You Now’; to the punchy Motown feel of ‘Looking Thorough The Window’ and more aggressive intensity of the Sean Escoffrey co-penned ‘Barricades’.

Join Anthoney Wright on Sunday 28th June 2009 @ 3:15 pm on BANG Radio 103.6 FM and / or in conversation with Sly on ‘The Sunday Afternoon Affair’.