Reazon interview with Sly on The Sunday Afternoon Affair

Reazon has always been interested in music from a young age. His father is Rick Clarke so he has always been surrounded by music. Reazon started off as a DJ, he say£s as with most DJ’s, once you master the technique of mixing, and realise the effect music has on a crowd, you start to adapt your skills using the knowledge that you gain from listening & playing tunes.

Reazon started producing at the age of 15, mainly Grime/Rap. It was not quite what he expected, but it was a start and he progressed on from there. The name Reazon came about when he became more familiar with producing.

My Lady, Reazon£s debut single, is a slick urban track, written, produced and performed by Reazon himself. The song focuses on love between young lovers. Artistic producer Don E was so impressed with Reazon£s production and writing abilities he re-mixed My Lady to produce a soulful dance mix as well as collaborating and producing a funky mix of the song.

Join Reazon in conversation with Sly on The Sunday Afternoon Affair on Life 103.6FM, Sunday 7th December 2008 @13:15hrs.