Join Sly In Conversation With Marc Staggers

Sunday 13th Dec 09 @ 3:10pm On BANG 103.6 FM

Marc Staggers-a native Washingtonian-is an R&B singer with a unique and soulful style that is somewhat reminiscent of the late Luther Vandross.

Before embarking on his new journey, Marc had released several gospel projects and was involved in past compilation CD projects including “Songs of Inspiration” and “What He’s Done for Me,” with the late Clifton Dyson. Marc had several radio appearances including “Glory in the Morning,” with Winston Chaney on 1340 WYCB (Radio One); Heaven 1580, with Matt and Cheryl; and WWGB 1030, with Debra Britt. Marc was the executive producer of “If You Can Dream,” on 1340 WYCB, which sought to promote local talent. Marc’s Television appearances have been featured on the Maryland Public Television (MPT) program “Artworks This Week,” with Nate Howard; ABC Channel 2 News, with Terry Owens; ABC Channel 2 “Grace & Glory,” with Lee Michaels; PAX Cable Television show “Life Styles,” with Deborah Britt; and the cable program “Glorify His Name,” hosted by James McCollum.

Staggers soulful voice has carried him into many venues including singing background for Mom and Pop Winans at “From the Heart Ministries”; and Kathy Myers at Lincoln Theater in Washington DC. He has also performed and recorded with the Late Clifton Dyson and Stu Gardner, musical director for Bill Cosby. Other behind the scenes opportunities have included producing a radio talent show that showcased new gospel acts called “If You Can Dream” which lived a short season on Radio One’s WYCB 1340AM in Washington, D.C. Staggers has also been featured on numerous live performances, including The Million Mom’s March in Washington, D.C and at the British Embassy for the Washington Redskin Darrell Green Charity foundation.

Marc Staggers will be in conversation with Sly on The Sunday Afternoon Affair Sunday 13th Dec 09 @ 3:10pm