EMiliYAH interview on Colourful Radio 08-November-2020

Born in Poland into a family with strong artistic roots. From a very young age trained to be a classical pianist, she rebelled and chose different ways and genres to express herself from Soul, Jazz & Blues. She never studied how to sing, even though both her parents were worldwide known opera singers.
Her music journey started a while ago in Poland where she made her first recordings and performed on TV & big stages with well-known artists and composers. After becoming a mum & dealing with personal circumstances, her career was put on hold.
In 2007 she immigrated to the UK to “build a better future” for her only daughter and to continue pursuing her own dreams. Music was always her main focus, love and passion so she was not able to escape it.
As she had a long break from singing and writing, she had to start everything from the beginning. 1st step was – karaoke bars, open mics etc. She never expected that music which will really pick her spirit up and bring her back to life will be Reggae.
Growing up in a post-communist country and being raised by strict parents, EMiliYAH never really had a chance to listen to a lot of music. But she always found it easy to come up with her own melodies instead.
Very open and sensitive to new sounds she fell in love with a lovers rock anthem SILLY GAMES (Janet Kay), when her friend played it to her for the 1st time.
That made her feel Reggae music even more. She knew from then, that this is what her heart desires. And that this is what she wants to sing. After lovers rock, she got into roots where she was able to express herself as a songwriter.
Words & “message” are very important for EMiliYAH, as once what is put out in a song it stays forever. Positive vibes which are deeply rooted in Reggae, as she says “saved her life “.
Her 1st worldwide solo release song  “Thank You” & EP ” EASY ” with her band the MightyZ All Stars, was written when she was going through a very difficult time in her life.
She continues her journey writing more songs to influence people with love, hope & faith.
Her mission, since she remembers, is to share kindness, respect and positivity in order to make this world a better place.
Currently EMiliYAH and the band are working on a new material to be released very soon, hopefully every month from now, starting with a song ” SUNSHINE ” (1st Dec 2020).
On the side EMiliYAH is working her own riddims and collaborating with different artists under her own music studio (EMZ WORLD MUSIC)
Her 1st project which is already up and running is a duet ”NiE” with a friend Nati , also a Polish singer based in UK.
There is much more to come from this duet so as EMiliYAH herself and the band in 2021.