DEF1 The New Album ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’

“DEF1 is a multi talented individual with a natural flare to exceed in the music industry. Darius Ellington Forde is his full name reflecting his initials DEF, 1 meaning there can be only him, no replica’s compare.”

“He is a 22-year-old black male from South Kilburn, Northwest London. He has had a love for music from a young age and says every spare time he gets goes to creating beats, sampling tracks and practising his vocal.”

Wow for one so young DEF1 is really making, producing singing and rapping some real inspirational music well beyond his age. If you ‘Hate’ your British musical street beats with some vintage ‘Ol’ Skool’ flavours you will simply just ‘Love’ this album. ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’ is a must for your collection!