B & The Family

B & The Family interview on Colourful Radio 05-July-2020

B and The Family, released their debut single this week on iTunes and all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music, as well as Amazon and Google Play. The energetic and soulful track was co-written by Brian K. Morgan and Katie Goulet, a husband and wife team who also produced the song.

“A Good Time” blends old school production sounds with a contemporary feel, including a driving bass line and an infectious hook. It’s about the joy of spending time with the one you love and letting them know how you feel. “A Good Time” is already seeing early action in the UK, with radio adds and a limited 7″ vinyl release that is quickly selling out.

Brian K. Morgan aka “B” is best known for his song writing and production work with producer and singer Kashif. Morgan is also the guitarist on the hip-hop classic from The Sugar Hill Gang “Rapper’s Delight.” The rest of the band is all relative, with wife Katie Goulet on bass, and their daughter Tayler Morgan-Stephens on drums and Evie Goulet on keyboards.