Arema interview on Colourful Radio 21-March-2021

London has been a musical hotbed for Reggae runnings for decades; crisp and precise. The late ’70s saw the emergence of incredibly talented singers and players of instruments in dynamic frequency. From Roots to Lover’s Rock, the output was consistent and groundbreaking. Discussing the latter of the two styles, AREMA laid a Royal foundation that stands firm to this day. Leroy Wilson and the original lineup have just released MEANING OF LIFE hot on the heels of their “STUN ME” summer 2020 hit. Buoyant Lover’s Rock gems that solidifies their credentials as one of UK’s premier Reggae ensembles. Arema is in the same league as Aswad, Winston Reedy, Cimarons, Misty In Roots, Naturalites etc etc A masterclass and enduring all the while.

Arema sowed seeds in Northwest London during the musically prolific late ’70s. The lineup of Leroy Wilson (lead vox, keys), Desmond Foster (bass, lead vox), Nevada Cato (guitar, vox) (left recently to pursue a solo career) Courtnenay Campbell (drums) and Henri Clarke (percussion, vox) had a clearview vision of creating original and crisply arranged sounds and made solid impact through hard work and determination. In 1981, they topped the charts with the timeless Lover’s Rock anthem “In Love (With You Darling)”; a Royal excursion that’s celebrated to this day. The follow up “Back A Yard” displayed their versatile Roots level. So potent on the Lover’s side, they delivered “Blow My Mind” to massive appeal. Heavily in demand, the band opened up for Gregory Isaacs’ historic UK Cool Ruler Tour and have supported Dennis Emmanuel Brown, The Cimarons, Ernest Wilson, Barry Biggs and so many more.

By the late ’80s, Leroy and Henri branched out production wise and scored hits in the ’90s with Desmond’s brother, Royden Foster. “Dancing With My Baby” and “Love To Share” were two classics from this era. After a long break while various other musical ventures were pursued, AREMA was awarded the “Hidden Creative Economy Award” in 2012 for their massive contributions to UK reggae. Leroy and crew ignited sparks again in 2014 with “Love Is Here” (riding Delroy Wilson’s “I Want To Love You” riddim). In 2016, they performed at the “UK Legends Of Legends” concert and have made regular appearances at the annual Giants of Lovers Rock concerts at the London o2, such is the popularity of the band. History indeed!! Leroy is also well active in the industry; elementary in RFUK (Reggae Fraternity UK) – this collective keeps the Royal integrity forward and intact. This brand new single is a follow up to previous singles ‘If Loving You’ and ‘Stun Me’ and preludes their highly anticipated upcoming album. The future is shining bright in these otherwise unprecedented times.